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I am contracted to the premier nightspot in Benidorm. Usually my act starts at 10:15 but subject to change at The Stardust  More information on this venue can be found by clicking the site thumb on my links page.

I love my work and I love making people laugh, although at times I do get a miserable ba**ard in the audience  and on those occasions I wonder why they have not gone somewhere else, like bingo or bed.

Sometimes I really am on a tight schedule and do not mean to be rude if I rush past, please excuse me.

If on occasions you have had any photographs taken with me, please send them in to my site admin and he will try to put them on the site.

To all the people who voted me the top comic in Benidorm for three years running a thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means a lot to me.

Thanks for all your support.

Tony Scott

Scotty - The ’Main Man’ at the Stardust with Tony and Wayne a mate from Grimsby